Condom Lie


-TEST-: with fingers, firmly hold a quarter against black SIDES of both probes. Push/release RED start-button. If all color lights ON, works OK!

Re-TEST-: press both round probe TIPS on coin. Push RED start-button again. If all color lights NOT On, Clean TIPS.

Clean: lipbalm, lipstick, etc, from probe TIPS. Sit with clean dry white cotton cloth draped across leg. Rub trace of black off the round probe TIPS for new clean surfaces, re-TEST-.

Wipe: probe sides, nose and case with damp cloth or alcohol. Over THOUSAND APPLYs/Tests, pennies a ~ZAP~/-TEST-.

Start touchy: If RED-button too Sensitive, self starts or cause ALL Lights on, SEAT by a quick Hard rocking Push, up to three times if need.

Damage: Dropped, broken case, probes not same length, lost cap, moisture inside, unclean probes, etc, void Return Replace Warranty.

Not Sealed: do not immerse in liquids or place in dishwasher, but is enclosed to reduce viral and moisture contamination.  Cracks by the RED Start Button should not affect operation.

Prevent contagious viral transfer. Cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing may not eliminate viruses from surfaces. Don't share, each needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor!

Manufacturer warrants Viral Inhibitor applies less than 10 volts across and less than 10 milliamps between probes and makes no claims for efficacy in use, nor supports views expressed on this website nor in other promotions.     13Apr11 2pm

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