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Richard S. HEATH, Consultant, The ACCESS Group TAG - DBA    

    What?   Hi technology & quality, small & hand-held,
      thousands use to prevent, stop & eliminate blisters.
      Patented Beta electro signals ~ZAP~/disrupt Herpes.
    Work for me?   Used early at tingling/burning, prevents sores, blisters,
      open lesions; report Customers, Testimonials, Doctors, Studies & Trials.
    Which viruses inhibited?   Applied correctly, Users report near 100%
on Herpes: Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, Genital Lesions,
      Shingles, Molluscum, Planter Warts, Genital Warts, Moles, Growths, etc.
    First sold, how many?   Production in May 2003, over 30,000 sold.

    CSI - COLD SORE INHIBITOR?   Economical White-LightUseModel. Designed
      for light use for over 2 years on Cold Sores. Works on other Herpes sores.
    VIP - VIRAL INHIBITOR PRO?   Deluxe Color-HeavyUseModel. Designed for
      heavy use for over 3 years on all Herpes. Long lasting, on multiple sites:
      Genital, Shingles, Molluscum, Warts, Moles, Growths & heavy Cold Sores.

    Who is the Inventor?   First & only portable hand-held; invented,
      developed, funded, produced & marketed by Chester A. HEATH.
    Chester A. HEATH?   Resume.   Retired full professor, electronics
      engineering technology; graduate registered electrical engineer;
      research: engineer, biomedical; nuclear, missile, telemetry;
      Pilot, commercial, instrument. A background & professional
      foundation to invent, design, produce & market Inhibitor.
    Why invented?   Having had Cold Sores for over 50 years,
      HEATH finally found real reliable relief.   Testimonial.

    Patented?   YES!   Chester A. HEATH has US Domestic, International PCT,
      & over 35 additional Foreign patents under way.   No rights assigned.
  "Original"?   NO!   Previous unproduced claimed "Original" patents 5133352,
      5607461, 6083250 & 6594527 had unsafe currents 1, 9, 18, 27 to 100mA.
      BOOK Ref: 0.1mA Discomfort; 1mA Harm; 10-100mA Pain to Fatal.  Legal

    Heal?   NO!   Electro ~ZAPs~, disrupt & inhibit recurring
      attacks, promote healing without viral interference.
    Cure?   NO!   Once acquired, viruses cannot be killed. The
      VIRAL INHIBITOR electro ~ZAP~/disrupts recurrences.
    Disrupts?   Patented mild reversing Beta waveforms electro
      ~ZAP~/disrupt/inhibit/eliminate outside nerves. Early
      ~ZAP~/Apply prevents sores, blisters & weeping lesions.
    How?   Nerve signals attract, guide in & inhibit Herpes.
      Electro ~ZAP~/prevent/stop/relieve outside nerves.
    Side effects?   NONE, unlike prescriptions bad reactions.
    Long term?   Customers report less attacks frequency,
      intensity & duration with each electro ~ZAP~/Apply.

    New version?   Greek Beta symbol in cap/cover.
    Non metallic probes?   Warm.   Reduces electro
      concentration, stronger ~ZAP~/Applied waves.
    NO On/Off switch?   So can't run battery dead.  
     Only Red Push Start button then auto off.
    SAFE?   YES!   Shuts off well before discomfort.
      Not alter immune system.   NO side effects.
    Replace Battery?   NO, Enclosed to reduce viral
      contamination & moisture; dispose when old.
    BETA?   Biological Electronic Transcutaneous
      Applicator.   Worked first time.   Patented novel
      reversing ~ZAP~ Beta electro signals waveform.

    Apply?   Cut seal, cap on base, probes
      across clean sore. Tap Red button.
      Colors sequence as Beta waveform
      applied & auto off. Cap over probes.
    That's it?   Yes, basic electro ~ZAP~.
    ~ZAP~/Apply problem?   Coated skin,
      probes: medication, topical oil, lipstick,
      lipbalm, etc; insulate & prevent signal
      flow. Clean skin & probe tips, ReApply.
    Applications same?   Vary for affliction.
      Shingles; ~ZAP~/Apply, rotate probes
      quarter (90 degrees) & ~ZAP~ again
      (Criss-Cross pattern). See BOOK.
    ~ZAP~/Apply early?   Before immune
      system involved, Beta electro signals
      waveform disrupts Herpes outside
      nerves & prevents sores, users report.

    How many?   Up to 8 times daily.
    How often?   Half hourly to prevent,
      Hourly to eliminate existing sores.
    Feel?   Some report mild electro tickle.
    Warts?   Take longer, grow slow & dry.
      Moisten & ~ZAP~ over months.
    Share?   NO!   Buy own Viral Inhibitor!
      Herpes contagious! Cleaning, alcohol,
      sterilizing dilutes not eliminates virus.

    More information?   Website, Brochure, Flyer, BOOK & ORDER NOW.
    Future discount?   Yes.   Save receipt, use Order-Code, contact us.

    Last?   Battery enclosed, so shelf life may exceed use-by-date,
      THOUSANDS of APPLICATIONs/pennies per ~ZAP~ for years.
    -TEST- ?   Clean probes rounded tips.   To -TEST-, hold both
      probe tips to a coin or metal conductive surface.   Push &
      release Red "Start" button.   If all lights on, works properly.
    Warranty?   90-days White Cold Sore Inhibitor, 1-year Color
      Viral Inhibitor Pro.  Options: purchase Extended warranties.

HEATH-Sciences & BETA-Research
    Old science, Hi technology?   1923 Electro patents illness, no success.
      1983 promising Herpes trials. 1993 companies not produce hand-held.
      By 2003 Chester A. HEATH invents, patents, produces & markets first.
    "Hocus pocus/snake oil"?   Electro signals not cure-all!   Some work;
      nerve regeneration, TENS pain relief & inhibiting Herpes activity.
    "Resonant frequency"?   "snake oil" term! Nerve signals are digital.
    "Electro drug injection"?   Concentrates drug side effects in body!
    "Thermal"?   Skiing, cold, Sun or heat re-trigger Herpes!
    "Protein barrier?"   Viruses similar but signals not affect HIV/AIDS!
    Verify conclusions?   Absolutely! Customers, Testimonials, Doctors,
      Studies, Trials report Viral Inhibitor electro ~ZAP~ disrupts Herpes.

    Advertise?   Airline, magazines, web Inhibitor-YupYup
      -Eliminator-Ugly, ebay, amazon, radio, TV & shows.
    ReLabel?   Beta Unit, Disruptor, Eliminator, Inhibitor,
      Terminator, Preventer, Poiinte, V-Stop, Zapper.
    Beta Technologies Inc.?   Only factory authorized
      OEM distributor rep by Manufacturer/Inventor.
    Beta Marketing Group LLC?   Only authorize wholesale
      & some retail.   All sales through Beta organizations.
    Contacting?   "Do you or another SUFFER Cold Sores?"
      "Do you HATE them?"   "Would you pay $159.95 to
      PREVENT them?"   "OK, shall I pay shipping or tax?"

Enclosed not sealed, don't expose Viral Inhibitor to liquids. Prevent contagious viral transfer. Cleaning, alcohol or sterilizing may not eliminate viruses from surfaces. Don't share, each needs their own personal Viral Inhibitor!

Manufacturer warrants Viral Inhibitor applies less than 10 volts across and less than 10 milliamps between probes and makes no claims for efficacy in use, nor supports views expressed on this website nor in other promotions.     13Jan13 11am

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