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Springville, UT   84663           
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Interested in becoming an Independent Beta Retail ASSOCIATE Entrepreneur?

We have various options and are open to new ideas that might work for you:
    A. Stock shelves and retail directly from Your Business location.
    B. Stock, Retail on Your Website, cart, fulfill and ship yourself.
    C. Email Orders, we fulfill, ship and charge your card wholesale.
    D. Link to our Website AFFILIATES program and we pay monthly.
    E. Use a Domain Name directly to our corp site, we pay monthly.
    F. Use a Discount Offer Code directly to our retail sites, pay monthly.

Call or Email us for:
    1#-Confidential Pricing.
    2#-Warranty & Returns.
    3#-Example Order Invoices.
    4#-Retail Market Agree -for reference only.
        any questions, setting of prices, offer codes and other options.

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